The Emoji Challenge

Hey guys, how are you??

I’m back again today with another challenge. Thanks to the lovely Kristen @ Beyond Secret Pages for tagging me! 🙂


  • Tag the creators (Book Princess Reviews).
  • Share one thing you learned about the person who tagged you.
  • For each prompt, you can use a maximum of three emojis.
  • Tag at least two other bloggers you want to get to know better
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New Romantics: Cultural Diversity in YA Fiction

As a young teen I devoured YA fiction romances like they were my favourite cannolis from that cute bakery down the road from my house – if you don’t know what cannolis are you truly haven’t lived my friend! BUT enough of that sweet tangent. Back to the point at hand!

I lived for YA / teen fiction romances because they were so cute and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I basically read every teen fiction book that was available at my high school library. Some included: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Bras and Broomsticks, Twilight, Princess Diaries (a lot of Meg Cabot actually!), Anna and the French Kiss, The Candy Apple series etc … you get the idea! But after that … I just stopped? The books just weren’t interesting anymore maybe it was because I had changed but eventually they all just seemed to merge into one another.

The evolvement of diversity in YA fiction, specifically the subgenre of romance finally encouraged me to delve back into these books. I was excited to see diversity as it allowed for these books to reflect how the real world looks (inclusive of all ethnicities and cultures).

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YA Book Haul #1 2019

WOOO it’s my first book haul! Well on this blog anyway, because trust me, my friends and family have had plenty of book hauls from mewhether it be in person or via social media.

This is one of the bigger hauls that I’ve had recently. I buy books one maybe three at a time and they’re usually new books that justcame out in a series that I’ve previously read, or a book that really intriguedme in the store. Gone are the days of my extravagant book depository orders(although I hope to get back into this in 2019 as I want to read more!). I havecombined books that I have bought in December and January for this haul.

With this haul, I tried to diversify my story and author range – I’ve reached for some new authors as well as some old ones that I absolutely love.

Let’s get onto the haul!

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