Review Policy

(as of February 17th 2019)

I would love to accept requests for books to be reviewed on ‘Throne of Booksss’ from authors, publicists, agents, etc. I am open to reading and reviewing books (pre & post publishing). 

I am passionate about the Young Adult genre – I am genuinely interested in any and all subgenres of YA so preference will be given to YA.

I am also intrigued by the upcoming/new genre of NA!

But I am also open to other genres of books if the request/description piques my interest!

However, I strongly dislike horror and adult romance so please do not send me requests for these genres.

Please feel free to contact me if you agree with the following terms:

  • I only respond to offers that interest me
  • While I may agree to look at your book, that doesn’t guarantee a read & review – I will keep in contact with you and let you know my decision!
  • All of my reviews are my own personal opinions and will not be influenced by external factors.
  • My preferred format are soft copies of books (pdf, epub – ibook/mac compatible files)
  • Reviews will be posted on my blog (Throne of Booksss) and Goodreads (Throne of Books) – links to it alongside a photo will also be shared on my Twitter (@throneofbooksss) as well as Instagram (@throneofbookssss)
  • In my reviews, I will be letting my readers know where I got the book (whether i bought it myself or received it for reviewing from ‘x’ person)
  • Once I am finished reading the respective book in question, I would like to keep it but will also dispose of it if required at the discretion of the author, publicist or agent who provided me with it.
  • In terms of when the review will be published, I am more than happy to consider your timeframe request but ultimately it will be my decision when to post it due to this blog being a passion project and the fact that I do have other study/work commitments.
  • When I finish the review and post it on my blog, I will send you a link to your preferred method of communication.

Review Structure + Rating System

*headings listed below are works in progress but this is generally what a review will consist of + structure can be edited per my discretion

  • Picture of book
  • Title of book
  • Series (including number in series)
  • Author name
  • Genre
  • Release date
  • Description (per goodreads)
  • Disclaimers (this is where i got this book – whether it was bought or given for review)
  • What made me pick up this book and thoughts about it before reading it (pre-reading)
  • Thoughts about the book (post reading)
  • Rating (1-5) → ratings will not contain the below descriptions, it will merely state a number and a few sentences on why i settled on this rating

Overview of Rating System

  • 1 – i really really really didn’t like this book – it was deeply flawed and just wasn’t to my standards (would not recommend at all)
  • 2 – it was okay / meh (recommend very lightly)
  • 3 – i liked it, it was good – didn’t blow me away (would recommend to certain audiences – would link to highlights of book)
  • 4 – i really liked this book and it had a few flaws but didn’t stop me from enjoying it, would probably read again! (strongly recommend)
  • 5 – absolutely love this book, would buy this book, re-read multiple time, make all of my friends read it and recommend it to EVERYONE

Once again, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the policy or if you want to reach out for a review! 

I look forward to reading and working with you! ❤