YA Book Haul #1 2019

WOOO it’s my first book haul! Well on this blog anyway, because trust me, my friends and family have had plenty of book hauls from mewhether it be in person or via social media.

This is one of the bigger hauls that I’ve had recently. I buy books one maybe three at a time and they’re usually new books that justcame out in a series that I’ve previously read, or a book that really intriguedme in the store. Gone are the days of my extravagant book depository orders(although I hope to get back into this in 2019 as I want to read more!). I havecombined books that I have bought in December and January for this haul.

With this haul, I tried to diversify my story and author range – I’ve reached for some new authors as well as some old ones that I absolutely love.

Let’s get onto the haul!

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